Below you can find feedback from my students who have been studying tango with me from several months to a few years,who inspire and challenge me, and help me keep growing  and getting better and better as a teacher...


"In searching for an Argentine Tango instructor, I wanted first someone whose own style of dance and technique inspired me. Secondly, I desired to find a true master teacher who believes in the importance of the foundational skills of posture, embrace and walk and who has the ability to see where I am and know precisely the next steps to both motivate me and keep me progressing. As an empathetic teacher with an extensive base of knowledge and skill combined with a passion for both the art and the technique of tango, Katya meets and surpasses all I searched for and she continues to guide my Tango journey with great caring."

Sherry D.

"When I started tango 18 months ago, a fellow student described the Buffalo tango community as "blessed" to have a teacher of Katya's caliber. I agree. She is someone who will make a significant difference in your tango experience. She will challenge you to work harder yet give you confidence that you are improving. I would recommend her to anyone; from a beginner to an advanced dancer".

Brian M.

"When it comes to tango, Katya is an inspirational force in Western New York. She is one of the most elegant, sensual, and skilled tango followers, but also a compelling and precise leader. To study tango with Katya is to discover an intimate, passionate, and organic art form that profoundly connects us with others. She will teach you how to walk with poise, embrace with warmth, and to move with rhythm, grace and style. You’ll be encouraged to tap into your creativity as she teaches you to explore different tango possibilities including playful variations. Take the opportunity to meet Katya, take a class, practice ochos around your kitchen, and become happily addicted with the rest of us."

Sharon H.

"I've taken a few dozen private lessons with Katya, traveling 1 1/2 hours each way each time; she's that good.  Her teaching style is grounded on absolutely basic principles: walk, pivot, posture and subtle body communication, coached with amazing patience - perfect for me.  After being petrified especially of close embrace, I've developed enough confidence to lead decently with perfect strangers at milongas."

David B.

"Katya brought significant contribution to tango community in Buffalo. She is a terrific instructor - clear, knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging"

Irene H.

"Katya is not only a beautiful dancer, she is an outstanding teacher with solid pedagogical skills that are transmitted through well-structured information and vivid imagery that provide useful tools to build strong foundation to your body awareness,  knowledge of tango, and understanding of movement and energy. She is patient and gentle, she helped me to believe that my blindness is not an obstacle to dance tango."

Michelle W.

"Katya is an amazing, supportive, and meticulous instructor. I had been dancing tango for several years under the tutelage of others before Katya encouraged me to consider traveling to expand my horizons. I reluctantly agreed. Katya then took me under her wing and in just a few weeks helped me improve my key fundamentals, so that I would feel comfortable and competent dancing on a broader stage. Though I am now a stronger dancer than ever, I continue to look to Katya's passion and attention to the details of tango for guidance, as I continue to both grow and develop as a tango dancer."

Craig C.

"I've taken group classes and private lessons with Katya for the last 3 years since the very beginning of dancing tango. Why work with someone who might have a bigger name in Buffalo and outside of it no ability to improve your dance like she does? Besides that she also has True Love for Tango in her Heart. Thank you, Katya, for your patience, skill and care!"

Ivan M.

"As a new student of tango, I admired Katya's dancing from afar for months before taking my first workshop with her. I quickly discovered she is as strong and artistic as an instructor as she is a dancer. In lessons with Katya we constantly return to developing the basic elements of tango, which immediately affects and improves my more advanced skills and tango goals. Her focus, dedication, and enthusiasm are gifts to the tango community, and I am eager to learn more from her."

Claire C.

"I know Katya from the UB tango beginners’ class, in which she was my tango teacher. Apart from being a nice and personable individual, Katya is an outstanding tango teacher. Katya’s teaching is effective both in terms of delivery style and organization of the content. She conveys her passion for tango to the students. She is able to transmit the tango dancing techniques to learners with clarity and interest, taking into account their background and needs."

Amin J.

TangoSphere, 3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14217      (716) 545-6885