The fastest way to improve your dancing skills is through private lessons. A private lesson is a one-on-one, 60 min instruction between you and your teacher; or you, a partner, and your teacher. 

While group classes are a great source of learning and improving, you may not have completely mastered the technique, or be unaware of problems that are holding your dancing back. Privates allow you 100% individualized attention from your teacher who also can customize the lesson to maximize your strengths. If you are taking private lessons in addition to group lessons, you have the ability to take what you learn in group class and polish it further, maximizing the value of the group class. They provide a discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group.

Currently, I offer 3 tracks of private lessons based on your needs and level of commitment:

TRACK 1: single private lesson, $60

TRACK 2: block of 4 private lessons (lessons have to be taken weekly or bi-weekly), $210

TRACK 3: block of 8 private lessons (lessons have to be taken weekly or bi-weekly), $400

To schedule a private lesson, please, contact me via email or phone at least one week prior the desired date.

Private lessons progress at your own pace, are booked to meet your scheduling needs, and enable you to feel the highest quality technique, instead of just listening and watching. It is your most effective tool for taking your dancing to a higher level of proficiency.

"Katya is not only a beautiful dancer, she is an outstanding teacher with solid pedagogical skills that are transmitted through well-structured information and vivid imagery that provide useful tools to build strong foundation to your body awareness,  knowledge of tango, and understanding of movement and energy. She is patient and gentle, she helped me to believe that my blindness is not an obstacle to dance tango."

Michelle W.

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