An introduction to the basic elements of Argentine Tango for complete beginners. In this series we will cover essential aspects of technique, some basic combinations, and will introduce you to the beautiful world of Argentine Tango - a dance that has been conquering the world! Although designed specifically for people with no experience, this class also provides an opportunity for more experienced dancers to polish up their basics and/or learn the opposite role.

NO partner needed.NO previous dance experience required.NO age limitations applied.

Please, bring comfortable shoes.

Every Wednesday, 6.30pm

Each series is 4 weeks and starts on the first Wednesday of the month.

$40 for a series of 4 lessons ($70 per couple)

*Students are strongly recommended to repeat this course twice before moving to the next level.

Movement 716 (3111 Delaware Ave)

This course is a series of 4 lessons developed around specific topics (i.e. "barridas", "vals", "cross system") and designed to further enrich students' vocabulary, strengthen their technique and ability of musical expression, and provide more in-depth information about Argentine Tango (history, music, codigos, etc). Prerequisite is a completion of at least two series of Argentine Tango 101.

No partner needed.

Every Thursday, 6.30pm

Each series starts on the first Thursday of the month.

$40 for a series of 4 lessons ($70 per couple)

*Price includes admission to practilonga Sin Nombre on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm.

Movement 716 (3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14217)

These seminars are held on the last Wednesday of every month.

7.15-8.15pm - Hour of Fundamentals: for ALL levels, NO partner needed, $5

8.30-10pm Advanced Concepts: for dancers with some experience, built around specific topics with detailed work on technique, musicality, more complex tango elements and improvisation, $20.

Movement 716 (3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14217)

Biweekly class for those striving to improve their ability to express themselves musically and communication with a partner, as well as to achieve better control and quality of the movement.An hour of guided exercises and drills performed solo followed by an hour of practice time solo or with a partner. 

Every 1st and 3d Thursdays of the month, 8pm

For ALL levels

$10 drop-in class

Movement 716 (3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo 14217)

Pictures from some of our  classes and seminars:

TangoSphere, 3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14217      (716) 545-6885