I was born and raised in Russia, where growing up I dedicated myself to gymnastics, but started dancing tango while living in the United States. My experience in gymnastics enabled me to build a strong technical basis in tango and provided me with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of movement, further enhanced by bodywork techniques such as yoga. Besides gymnastics my background includes fine arts as well as literature.

In 2011 I helped to start the Argentine Tango Club of the University at Buffalo, and have since served as the primary instructor. I have taught and performed at various events in Buffalo, as well as in Rochester, Ithaca, Cleveland, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh. In both my dance and my teaching I emphasize elegance, musicality, quality of movement, improvisation, and connection between partners. I aim to help my students to better understand the mechanics of movement and incorporate it on a deeper level, rather than copy from an external source. I see tango as a complex phenomenon with its own rich history, codes and traditions and strive to instill this idea in my  students. Being an eternal student myself and always growing and finding new ways of approaching the dance and teaching it to others, I try to provide an individual approach based on each person's own potential and perceived ability, whether they are 18 or 89 years old.

In my journey, I have studied under and learned from the most renowned  North American and Argentinean teachers, spanning multiple styles and backgrounds. Besides that my background in tango includes regular practicing and methodical self-study, as well as search for new information and interpretations to consistently develop and improve as a teacher and a student of the dance. I have studied both roles of the dance to be better able to teach, and dance, from the perspective of the leader and follower. This trait was imparted to me by some of the most talented and respected names in Argentine Tango, from whom I had privilege of learning. They include Marika Landry, Avik Basu, Andres Laza Moreno, Moira Castellano, Kristina Autio, Alicia Pons, Corina Herrera.

Argentine Tango is a world renowned dance and art form, but it is all derived from and based on the music. My journey in tango started with a deep passion for music first. I see it as the main source that creates and inspires the movement, and which deepens the connection between partners. In my DJ'ing I like to bring together the many aspects, the lyrical and rhythmical, the playful and passionate, and the bold and subtle, offering dancers splendid and diverse selections that focuses on music from the aptly named Golden Age of Tango. My choices are influenced and often dictated by the dancers, and the dance floor and my goal is to create a consistent, smooth flow of energy throughout the night. I have had pleasure to DJ various tango festivals, marathons, and regular milongas in Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Boston, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Moscow, Prague, and many more.

Argentine Tango is a complex art based on simple principles. In this dance, as in life, success is found and sustained by listening, connecting, and communicating. It brings me great joy to show others this language, just as it was originally shown to me. All you need is to take the first step...


TangoSphere, 3111 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14217

katyatango@yahoo.com      (716) 545-6885